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The 5G-EMF-Guard is a unique device created with the help of Light Technology MIG. Its design supports the human brain via the network of acupuncture meridians, by using environmental electromagnetic radiation emitted by the electronic equipment as a source of energy for activating your body’s natural healing and defense abilities. The 5G-EMF-Guard won’t interfere electromagnetically with any electronic equipment you use, leaving its functionality intact.

5G-EMF-Guard Essentials

Advanced technology
Ancient knowledge

Nature didn’t design the human body with "built-in" protection from 5G (fifth generation) electromagnetic radiation. Water, a major constituent of our body's cells, has a natural ability to absorb a wide spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations. At the same time, however, it has some unprotected high-frequency windows that potentially leave our body unprotected. Even subtle electromagnetic signals can penetrate the human body and ultimately lead to different kinds of diseases.


The specialized use of Light Technology MIG allows for the entangling 5G-EMF-Guard stickers with human brainwaves and the network of acupuncture meridians. Energy patterns corresponding to the “earthly” elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Metal are used to intervene via the 5G-EMF-Guard stickers with the ionosphere's Schumann frequencies, providing your brain with a continuous and stable connection to the continuum Cosmos-Earth, which ensures your orderly, undisrupted brain functioning and well-being.

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